oliver marzischewski | '71 | berlin, germany

fotoworks since 1995, mainly nude and erotic.


Marzischewski is mainly attracted by the balance between sexual offense and visual esthetics. In consequence almost more important than his work with the camera and the arrangements in front of it is his digital manipulation of the results before editing.

His interest as a photographer aims not only the classical nude and it's modernized the pinup-style, but also many other variations of erotic photography that are prominent in the section. Although influences of different current positions are not hidden in Marzischewski's photoworks he always adds some personal point of view at least due to his individual and perfect way of digital manipulation.

Evidently Oliver Marzischewski is part of the young generation of nude photographers who are not afraid of sampling ideas from elsewhere neither of radical manipulation of photos for it's own profit.

Marcello Rubini